Sponsorship Guidelines

Sponsorship Eligibilty
Only local non-profit organizations in the U.S. with 501(c)(3) status may be selected for sponsorships. Awardee must provide services for local communities. Not for individuals, international, religious, political, fraternal, for-profit organizations.

Awardee Requirements
Organizations must provide a completed W9 prior to payment.

Sponsorship Use
Funds may be used only for programs or events offering cultural, artistic, recreational, and athletic engagement or enrichment.

Sponsorship Restrictions
Awardees are restricted from using funds for individuals, operating costs, capital projects, purchase of office equipment or property, religious or political activities or events. Funds may strictly be used for activities as outlined in Sponsorship Use only.

Sponsorship Transfer
Sponsorship may not be transferred to an organization other than as selected by the designated financial institution.